In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing Elliot Katz, the author of Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man. Translated into 24 languages by publishers in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, this book is improving relationships around the world. Elliot is the author of seven nonfiction books and has done many radio and television interviews. He teaches the principles in this book to men and women and speaks at conferences to groups of both men and women. This podcast is a must listen to where Elliot shares his experiences and passion for writing the book. Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants is a bird's eye view through a story of a grandfather shares timeless wisdom on being a man with his grandson on why women love strong men, what a man can do to improve his marriage and the role of a husband and father. This podcast is packed with knowledge to challenge the confusing messages of the past 40 years and explain why many relationships today are not working and what a man can do to make things better with the woman in his life

An Amazon customer reviewer wrote, “This book has saved our marriage.” A woman wrote about the book’s insights, “If my husband of 38 years had understood these basic but crucial truths, my marriage would not have disintegrated.”

Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants is available as a paperback from and bookstores and as an ebook from Kindle, iBooks, and Kobo. Visit Elliot on Facebook where you can connect with him and have your questions answered.

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