In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the CEO of Navalent Ron Carucci. Ron is a seasoned consultant with more than 25 years of experience working with CEOs and senior executives of organizations ranging from Fortune 50s to start-ups in pursuit of transformational change. He has consulted to some of the world’s most influential CEOs and executives on issues ranging from strategy to organization to leadership.

His newest book, Rising to Power is a time-tested, wisdom-packed guide for executives desiring to be exceptional leaders as they navigate their ascent to the highest levels of their organization. Did you know that nearly two- thirds of all leaders entering executive roles lack sufficient understanding of what is required and are unprepared for what they will face, which explains why 50 percent of them fail within the first eighteen months.

If you are an executive--or you're aspiring to be one--and considering how you will navigate the ascent in your organization, Rising to Power will serve you like no other resource can. This book will guide you on a predictable journey of ascent, through the transitional moments and issues most common in executive failure. Based on a ten-year longitudinal study, Rising to Power offers a profoundly new way of looking at an executive's rise in an organization, and offers an approach to significantly increase your odds of success.

This podcast is a must listen to where Ron Carucci gives four patterns that are needed to make that transformation to be an effective executive. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help bolster your confidence, deepen your insight, and reveal your own proclivities for failure that you may not even recognize.

You can learn more about Ron Carucci his website, where you can download the ebook on Leading Transformation that will help you make the impact you want. Visit Ron on LinkedIn where you can message him to have your questions answered.

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