In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the creator of the Normal Eaters Club Jenn Hand. Jenn is a Holistic Health Advocate, speaker, and writer on how to improve your relationship with fitness and food. This podcast is a must listen to where Jenn shares her journey and experience and gives advice to help you to quit struggling with gains and losses, find freedom around food, and feel comfortable in your own skin by working with that self-critic in your head. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help you bring awareness around food and how you can create healthy intentions around food and the steps you need to take to become holistically health, both mentally and physically.

You can learn more about Jenn Hand by visiting her website, where you can download the MUST HAVE Guide to End the Diet Cycle Today.  Visit Jenn on Facebook where she goes live and you can talk with her and have your questions answered.

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