In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the CEO of Empowerment Squad LLC Nancy Manning. Nancy is the CEO of Empowerment Squad LLC that provides professional development training and coaching. For years, Nancy has guided thousands of people to achieve their personal freedom which is the beginning of living an abundant life on their terms. Nancy specializes in helping her clients identify limiting beliefs, becoming aware of their personal power, and achieving their goals in their business and professional lives. This podcast is a must listen to where Nancy shares her journey and experience and gives the advice to help you to understand how to be organically you by facing your inner truths, heal your past by going within, and embrace self-love. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help you bring awareness around your potential and by being you, you can create more healthy, sustaining relationships. You can learn more about Nancy Manning by visiting her social sites keyword Nancy_Empowers. Connect with Nancy socially on Facebook where you can and have your questions answered or schedule a session.

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