In this Podcast Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the Author of Leading with Feet: Making Intentional Steps to Live Out Your Best Charelle Lans. Charelle is a Strategist, philanthropist, mother, writer, and business professional. She has is an influencer in her career, leading platform development and strategic vision settings for many organizations.

This podcast is a must listen to where Author Charelle Lans shares her personal experiences with practical steps to demonstrate how transitioning from stress to strength can be achieved in pursuit of your goals. Leading with Feet conveys the importance of creating movement in pursuit of your goals by giving practical steps needed to building momentum and getting things done. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help you create movement and transfer energy to pursue your goals and take purposeful steps towards dream fulfillment.

You can learn more about Charelle Lans by visiting her website and visit her on her facebook page where you can talk to her and have your questions answered.

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