In this Podcast, Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing the creator of UnTalk Therapy Phil Deluca. Philip DeLuca, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and the developer of a new communication paradigm called UnTalk Therapy. His unique approach is based on current science of the body and mind and exposes the failings of conventional communication approaches as well as providing an alternative approach to conflict resolution that is easy to understand, quick to implement and brings immediate improvement. This podcast is a must listen to where Phil shares his journey and experience and gives advice to help you to understand how angry blow ups are incited by your brain chemistry, what healthy communication looks like and how it makes you feel, and how your health is directly related to the health of your relationship. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help you bring awareness around your communication and how by talking less, you can create more healthy, sustaining relationships. You can learn more about Phil Deluca by visiting his website where you can take a quiz to assess your relationship and see if it's in the dead zone. Connect with Phil socially on Facebook where you can and have your questions answered or schedule a session after taking the quiz.

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