This pandemic is exposing racial disparities like other events in recent US his-story with initial data showing COVID is infecting and killing Black people at a far higher rate than any other group.  So for Black History month, we're going to talk about the racial disparities from a voice from the front line to urgently understand why, and how philanthropy can play a leading role.  
Listen to this podcast where Ron Broussard of STRETCHYOURSELF is interviewing Dr. Jude Ezekakpu, the CEO of Adaptive Clinical Educational Services or ACES.  Dr. Jude provides educational services and works with the local communities to educate, train, and help the less fortunate understand the value of health.  Working with the local leaders in the community, ACES hosts community events to bring screening, testings, and other things to raise the health and wellness of the community. 
This podcast is a must listen to where Dr. Jude shares his clinical experience and gives the advice to help you to understand how this racial disparity over time has impacted the African American community, tips on what needs to be done, and an insight into what the "Health condition of the African American community" honestly looks like.

We don’t know the full extent of what’s happening because we don’t have enough data on the racial demographics of who is tested, infected, hospitalized, and dying during this global pandemic. What we do know is sobering. In Chicago, for example, Black people represent 57 percent of all COVID-19 deaths — more than three times higher than any other racial demographic — even though they are only 30 percent of the city’s population. This podcast is packed with knowledge to help you bring health awareness during this pandemic so you can start now creating a more healthy lifestyle.  

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